The Best New Restaurants in Sonoma County in 2022

The Best New Restaurants in Sonoma County in 2022

By Heather Irwin for Sonoma Magazine

Dozens of innovative restaurateurs found critical and commercial success this year. Here are the most important openings of 2022.


This 400-square-foot, Parisian-style seafood cafe at The Barlow is neatly laid out to include nine counter seats and a variety of outdoor tables for al fresco dining. Oysters are, unsurprisingly, a menu highlight. They’re served raw, baked and fried. The rest of the menu leans on sustainable shellfish, fish, prawns and octopus, all approved by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch as “Best Choices” for eating. 6770 McKinley St., Suite 130, Sebastopol,

Why it matters: The oceans are overfished, and if we aren’t careful, many species could soon be off the menu. Chef Jake Rand (who also owns Sushi Kosho in The Barlow) offers a delicious take on sustainability. And the mix of bubbly and seafood just works.


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