The 50 Best Restaurants in Sonoma
Who wants to meet for a drink? Who’s ready to stay up late on a warm June night? We all are! Fingers crossed, it seems like we’re in a very different place than we were two years ago. This coming summer, it’s time (beyond time, really) to jump back into the scene in a big way. And Sonoma’s food community is stepping up, with a whole new crop of restaurants ready to welcome us back.

We are so excited to see two Barlow restaurants included - Blue Ridge Kitchen and Fern Bar!
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'Head West' for the summer at The Barlow
Now that summer is swiftly approaching, it is the perfect time for the Seawolves to discover more of Sonoma County. The Barlow, which is located in Sebastopol, offers a variety of activities to partake in. On May 7, an event known as “Head West” welcomed small businesses and local organizations creating an outdoor marketplace. Patrons were able to browse freely through the market to discover what participating businesses had to offer at their own pace.
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