Creative Wine Offerings Boost Revenue and Keep Costs Low

Bars and restaurants throughout the country are ditching traditional wine lists for more innovative offerings, like wine walls and wine on tap.

 Region in Sebastopol, California—another Sonoma County town—skews from traditional wine service in favor of self-serve taps. A wine wall of only Sonoma County selections is vetted by owner/founder Kerry Thedorf and dispensed by the customer in various size pours. Most wineries are new to the customer.

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Holiday Gifts, Dinners and Desserts — Local Tidings of Joy this Holiday Season
This Holiday season revelers can’t go wrong with a visit to Sebastopol’s cutest shopping center, The Barlow. Everyone loves the Barlow. I mean it; name me one person who’s gone to the Barlow and not had an adorable time. I’m waiting. Fully stocked with local and artisanal products from eco-friendly fashion purveyors, almost everything onsite is produced right here in Northern California. 
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Got a New Hobby? We’ve Got a Trip for That
From cooking to painting to developing a palate for fine wine, or a new appreciation for music, the extra time spent at home has encouraged many of us to take up a new hobby – or delve deeper into an old one. With the world back open, here are vacation ideas for travelers eager to take their new skills for a test drive out in the real world.
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