Beyond Wine: 8 Sonoma Tasting Rooms for a Taste of Something Different
Sonoma County may be known for its wine, but locals are concocting a variety of drinks, from vodka, whiskey and gin to cider and aperitifs — even mead. If you want to change things up in the new year, here are nine local tasting rooms to visit, perhaps once pandemic conditions improve (or order your drinks online on company websites for delivery or pickup). Click through the above gallery for a peek at the tasting rooms and drinks.
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Breakfast of Champions
Warming chorilocos are a childhood favorite of chef Carlos Rosas, who fondly remembers his mother making fresh chorizo and salsa after her weekly trip to the farmers market. Rosas elevates the dish by cooking the potatoes in adobo for three hours, then adding scrambled eggs and freshly-made chorizo seasoned with cinnamon, Mexican oregano, thyme, pepper, and Chardonnay.
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