Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Glasses For Sparkling Wine
Dickinson Glass: These Venetian-style spiraled flutes are absolutely mesmerizing—within each sits a signature marble made by encasing 24-karat gold and pure silver, creating iridescent swirls and patterns with colors that are determined based on how much of each metal is used within the flame. The stems are hand-crafted in California with borosilicate glass, known for its clarity and durability, while using traditional mouth-blowing techniques.
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Ten Perfect Pinot Noirs To Try Now
Pinot Noir is a wine varietal that plays well with others, whether its paired with food or enjoyed on its own. The silky-soft tannins and high-toned fruit profile of pinot are appealing to most wine drinkers. It is one of the world’s oldest grape varieties (besting Cabernet Sauvignon by almost 1,000 years) and it’s a legendary diva in the vineyard.
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Eat, Drink And Shop: Sebastopol Is Your Next Sonoma County Must-See

As one of California’s original bohemian havens, Sebastopol is more than a day trip pit stop; it’s a testament to the heart of the region thanks to local flair and constantly evolving industries. Destinations like The Barlow have secured the town’s spot on the wine country map, and you can witness the town’s history in newly opened businesses as well as longtime fixtures.

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