Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Glasses For Sparkling Wine

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Glasses For Sparkling Wine

by Jeanne O'Brien Coffey, FORBES 

Nobody knows better than Maximilian J. Riedel, 11th generation CEO and President of Riedel Crystal, the ways sparkling wine glassware has evolved. His grandfather, Claus Riedel, was the first to introduce the concept of varietal specific glassware and these days Maximilian is always innovating to use glassware to enhance the taste of every wine.

The coupe was designed in the 19th century, and intended to be used when drinking Champagne as a dessert wine, because it tended to be sweeter then and dipping cake into the wide bowl was easy, Riedel says. “While shaped beautifully with an elegant Gatsby design, the coupe does not enhance Champagne, as its large surface area dissipates aromas and effervescence,” he says, noting that the flute grew in popularity thanks to its shape, which caused less spillage, but its thin opening does not allow for any expression of aromas.

Dickinson Glass: These Venetian-style spiraled flutes are absolutely mesmerizing—within each sits a signature marble made by encasing 24-karat gold and pure silver, creating iridescent swirls and patterns with colors that are determined based on how much of each metal is used within the flame. The stems are hand-crafted in California with borosilicate glass, known for its clarity and durability, while using traditional mouth-blowing techniques. (Starting at $120 per flute, set of 2 is $230.)

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