Restaurant Hospitality

Restaurant Hospitality

Bret Thorn Sep 10, 2021

Salmon Crudo

At Fern Bar in Sebastopol, Calif., chef and owner Joseph Zobel lightly cures local king salmon between sheets of toasted kombu seaweed, both to firm up the fish and to impart more umami flavor.

Separately, he combines very ripe Early Girl tomatoes, ginger, guajillo chile and the Korean chile powder gochugaru and strains them overnight through cheesecloth. He uses the liquid to dress the thinly sliced cured salmon, which is also topped with torpedo onions marinated in lime juice, salt and pepper. The dish is garnished with potato chips made from local potatoes and finished with crunchy salt, lemon olive oil and greens from Zobel’s backyard garden.

Price: $23

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