Holiday Gifts, Dinners and Desserts — Local Tidings of Joy this Holiday Season

Holiday Gifts, Dinners and Desserts — Local Tidings of Joy this Holiday Season

Wild as it may seem, it’s the holiday season once again because time is apparently, in a word, flying. This article, however, is not an examination of  theories of temporality—it’s a holiday gift-and-catering guide. Because, regardless of how strange time or the circumstances of our lives might be, we are here at the time of year allocated for appreciating friends and family with time spent, meals served—regardless of who cooked them!—and gifts given.

This guide will direct you toward local, affordable, community-supporting shops, markets and bakeries to fill your gift-giving and dinner needs. I also highly recommend, for those considering the environment and their wallets, making gifts at home this year, or sticking to home-cooked meals. You can’t go wrong with homemade ornaments, and this might be the year you wow your family and yourself with a full Thanksgiving dinner. Onward, my wayward craftsmen and chefs, to stuffing and glory!

Regardless of your choices, you have options. See a few below.

The Barlow, Sebastopol

This Holiday season revelers can’t go wrong with a visit to Sebastopol’s cutest shopping center, The Barlow. Everyone loves the Barlow. I mean it; name me one person who’s gone to the Barlow and not had an adorable time. I’m waiting. Fully stocked with local and artisanal products from eco-friendly fashion purveyors, almost everything onsite is produced right here in Northern California. From apparel like Indigineous Organic + Fair Trade Fashion and Barge North Company to art galleries like Gallery 300 and Lori Austin Gallery, you’ll find everything you need here and have time for a lunch pit-stop at Fern Bar. I truly cannot recommend the smash burger more highly. I shed a single tear writing this sentence, it’s that good. The Barlow is a great spot to put presents under the tree and dollars back into the community. Those who are holed up and prefer to shop online can save 10% on their first order with the code SHOPBARLOW21.

The Barlow is located at 6770 McKinley St., Sebastopol, and is open 7 days a week. Hours of individual stores may vary, so visit for more information. Happy shopping!


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