JG Switzer

JG SWITZER is a textile and home goods artisan manufacturer that makes all natural fiber, modern pieces and fabrics for the design and home goods market. Our fabric is painterly and modern felted wool made in our workshop right here in The Barlow from local fibershed and heritage breed sheep.  We design our own fabric on a 7.5 ton, 10,000 needle loom we call “Luna” located on site, and sew most everything at The Barlow workshop  in order to keep a close eye on quality. Our specialty is “Fine Fleeces and Fibers” and we offer special occasion gifts and every day items for the artful home.  We believe “the heart can rest in an artful nest.”
We set out in 2018 to rekindle the heirloom blanket and create artful bedding, keepsake pieces designed to be passed from one generation to the next. We welcome collaborations with the design trade and custom work, and we ship world wide.
Finest of fibers. Seriously sewn, hand tailored, bespoke dyes, custom patterns found nowhere else in the world.

6780 McKinley Street, Suite 115, Sebastopol, California 95472 (In the alley across from Blue Ridge Kitchen)

(707) 244-3330

Hours:Monday 11:00am - 5:00pm
 Tuesday 11:00am - 5:00pm
 Wednesday 11:00am- 5:00pm
 Thursday 11:00am- 5:00pm
 Friday 11:00am- 5:00pm
 Saturday 11:00am- 5:00pm
 Sunday Closed Most Sundays

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