Spiced Apple Pie Apple Cider Caramels Treat Pack


These caramels taste just like delicious apple pie! Blended with warm spices —cardamom, allspice, cinnamon, and crushed vanilla bean, these award-winning caramels, give you a slice of caramel apple pie in every bite! The caramels start as freshly-pressed cider from the heirloom apples grown organically in Sonoma County.

This caramel is both a Good Food and SOFI Award winner! All these luxurious caramels start as freshly-pressed cider, made from the heirloom apples grown on their Sonoma County Farm.

These candies are slow-cooked to buttery perfection using local butter and cream + freshly ground spices. Each caramel is dusted with Pink Pearl apple powder and vanilla bean sea salt to create both a delicious and beautiful treat!

1.8 oz. bag (6 pieces).

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