While outsiders may think of Sebastopol as a bastion of kale and tempeh, locals know that the food scene in this West County town is thriving, with boundary-pushing global fare that depends heavily on locally grown ingredients and sustainability. Restaurants here rarely disappoint, because they know exactly who they are – or they don’t last long Sebastopudlians insist on good food, made well and with a conscience. 

Here are some favorites…

The Drink You Promised, Fern Bar: Remember all those cocktails we promised to share with friends we only saw on Zoom for a year? Now’s the time (provided you’re vaccinated). A recent trip to this mod Barlow spot- now with a large outdoor space – was inspired. Clever farm-to-glass cocktails and classics like the Hemingway Daiquri, Manhattan and Caipirinha. 

Take the ‘Rents, Blue Ridge: Take whoever you want, but this is one of those “I want everything” kind of places where someone else picking up the tab (my parents love this place) is extra lovely. Mushroom toast, Matt’s Smash Burger, Drunken Fried Chicken and the Hickory Smoked Trout salad are faves. 

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May 2021



There is no time like the present to celebrate spring and our collective emergence from never-ending pandemic lockdowns. Get out there (safely, of course) and eat, support NorCal restaurants and honor Mom and anyone else who made through winter to breathe in the fresh air of the season. Sante!

Blue Ridge Kitchen – Fun and unexpected twists are from the norm for a newcomer to the North Bay dining scene named for a famous Eastern mountain range. The restaurant bulls itself as having a southern drawl but the cioppino with tomato-anise broth and local Dungeness speaks clearly of California Nor is there anything “short” about the 10 hours ribs spend slowly smoking before becoming Short Rib Hash. Raw oysters, however, are simply topped with Meyer lemon hibiscus granita and a smoked mignonette.

Fern Bar – The lush environs and soaring ceilings defy the speakeasy cocktail driven vibe of this restaurant and-soon again- live music venue at The Barlow in Sebastopol Cocktails get geeky (Banjee Tangie with Genepy des Alpes and tangerine) and freaky (Urban Bourbon with house-made walnut liqueur and Scotch mist) while brunch is more down to earth (French toast, pork katsu sandwich with red cabbage and French fries). 

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May 6, 2021



“We were totally fish out of water: an eccentric Iranian and model-esque Russian, peddling antiques in our 20s to clients three times our age,” says Homan Rajai. But it didn’t take long for the two design enthusiasts to realize they were dreaming a similar dream, and soon Rajai and Elena Dendiberia spent their days envisioning the firm they would one day open. ” We appreciate craftsmanship that marries traditional approach with modern and primitive aesthetics we like embracing our multicultural backgrounds and learning from history, and nature around us,” says Dendiberia, a Russian immigrant. “It felt like the Wild West at the time – a field of endless opportunities where our niche wasn’t really represented much, so we hit the road.”

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May 2021



There’s no road map to what makes a dish iconic. Instead, it’s a roughly sketched record of personal experiences, memorable moments, and collective consent. We worked as a team to hash out these winners, striving to represent the people, the land, the ingredients, and the point of view of our foodie paradise. At times, a truly outstanding pick came from little more than a gut feeling. Take the humble fried chicken sandwich, for example. Folks make them all over, but Belfare Sonoma’s super-snappy, wolf-it-down-fast version, enjoyed with a glass of rose along the side of the highway outside Three Fat Guys tasting room – that’s true Sonoma style.

Sonoma Coast Seaweed Salad – Sushi Kosho: Forget about slippery strips of neon-green seaweed that could double as dental floss in a pinch. Chef Jake Rand sources from our own coastline for a mix of fresh red, white, and green seaweed ribbons with all kinds of delightfully bumpy, lumpy, and tickly textures. Marinated in an orange-yuzu vinaigrette, this East-meets-West salad gets a Cali touch with avocado and fresh cherry tomatoes. 

Mount Lassen Trout Salad – Blue Ridge Kitchen: You’ll find similar salads at a handful of other restaurants round the county, but this clever take on a Nicoise is our very favorite. Instead of tuna, chef Matt D’Ambrosi uses hickory-smoked trout alongside plenty of farm-fresh vegetables for a perfect summer dish. 

Vegetablicious Melt – The Farmer’s Wife: Is it an exaggeration to call Kendra Kolling’s sando the Gucci of grilled cheese? Stuffed with gently braised seasonal greens, roasted vegetables sweet as candy, fresh chevre, aged cheddar, and an egg so yellow it outshines the sun, this melt is bougie-er than a stretch Hummer. And thats how we do grilled cheese Sonoma-style. 

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April 2021



Jennifer Adametz, 36, Property Manager, The Barlow

Responsibilities with your company: I am responsible for the day to day operations and oversight of The Barlow, a beautiful 12 acre market district in Sebastopol.

How do you exemplify the spirit of being a top Forty Under 40 professional? I have a very positive and compassionate demeanor that shines through my great relationships with my colleagues and tenants of the Barlow.

Years with company: 1

Length of time in current position: 1 year

Number of company wide employees: 9

Number who report to you: 5

Greatest professional challenge: I am very empathetic to others and always want to help however I can. When I am unable to do so, because I don’t have the authority or we don’t have the means to assist, it’s always a challenge for me. My goal is to always be helpful and kind – anything less doesn’t jive well with me.

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April 26, 2021



Whether you’re craving a gooey deep dish pizza or a slice of NY-style pie, we’ve got just the place for you. 

There are only three things needed to make a perfect pizza – crust, sauce and cheese. Sure, pepperoni, anchovies or pineapple may be required on your pizza, but the pure expression of a great pie needs no gilding.  

 How that crust and sauce come together, however, differs from region to region. From gut-busting Chicago deep dish to the simplest Neapolitan, we’ve found some of the best examples throughout Sonoma County. Mangia!

Detroit style – Acre Pizza, Sebastopol : A deep, crispy crust andmelty cheese for the win. We especially love the caramelized edges and bright, fresh tomato sauce. 6760 McKinley St,, Suite 150, Sebastopol. Open 11 am to 8 pm daily, 707-827-3455, 

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April 2021



West Sonoma County, dubbed ‘West County’ by locals is one of the most unique and picturesque areas of Sonoma County. Entailing the area west of Santa Rosa and to the coast, this area encompasses the small, charmingly eclectic city-towns of Sebastopol, Guerneville, and Occidental as well as a handful of other petite hamlets such as Graton, Forestville, and Monte Rio.

Rucked away into this uniquely idyllic corner of Sonoma County wine country, West Sonoma County has a completely different identity and feel. Visitors won’t find looming wine castles, glamorous chateaus, or tour buses full of bachelorettes here. Low key is the name of the game in thees parts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a wealth of amazing wine and gastronomic experiences.

From casual farm-to-table eateries and popular outdoor gourmet marketplaces to high-end restaurants where dishes are prepared by renowned Chefs and served up in a California-Coastal casual ambiance and roadside artisan cheese shops West Sonoma County is a foodie paradise. And the wineries and wine tasting experiences here are equally as impressive and diverse while blissfully unpretentious.

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April 8, 2021



Mom may have told you she has everything she needs, but was she thinking about spectacular geode coasters when she said that? This Mother’s Day, give her that little thing of beauty she didn’t know she wanted or needed – a visit to a few Sonoma County boutique might reveal just the perfect gift. Of course, that doesn’t get you off the hook for spending the gift of time together. But as far as giving things goes, here’s a list of some of our favorites, all under $100.

Playful pot: This 7-inch planter is hand-formed and then brushed, stamped and fired by local ceramicist Daniel Oliver. $70, Lori Austin Gallery, 6780 McKinley St, Suite 150, Sebastopol, 707-329-6725, 

Pie perfection: The juice, smoothie and raw food wizards at The Nectary also make gluten-free, raw, vegan and paleo plant-based pies in a number of flavors. Her’s a gorgeous Blueberry Lavender Bliss. Other flavors range from Strawberry-Balsamic to Meyer Lemon- Olive Oil. $40 (8-inch), $50 (9-inch), $60 (10-inch), The Nectary, 6760 McKinley St #130, Sebastopol, 707-829-2697,

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April, 2021



Mom may have told you she has everything she needs, but was she thinking about spectacular geode coasters when she said that? This Mother’s Day, give her that little thing of beauty she didn’t know she wanted or needed – a visit to a few Sonoma County boutique might reveal just the perfect gift. Of course, that doesn’t get you off the hook for spending the gift of time together. But as far as giving things goes, here’s a list of some of our favorites, all under $100.

Playful pot: This 7-inch planter is hand-formed and then brushed, stamped and fired by local ceramicist Daniel Oliver. $70, Lori Austin Gallery, 6780 McKinley St, Suite 150, Sebastopol, 707-329-6725, 

Pie perfection: The juice, smoothie and raw food wizards at The Nectary also make gluten-free, raw, vegan and paleo plant-based pies in a number of flavors. Her’s a gorgeous Blueberry Lavender Bliss. Other flavors range from Strawberry-Balsamic to Meyer Lemon- Olive Oil. $40 (8-inch), $50 (9-inch), $60 (10-inch), The Nectary, 6760 McKinley St #130, Sebastopol, 707-829-2697,

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April, 2021



Food and wine destination in Sonoma County seeing uptick in business.

Barney Aldridge, founder of The Barlow in Sebastopol, explains what’s new at his wine country destination since Sonoma County shifted into the orange tier.


April, 2021



Sebastopol is having somewhat of a renaissance. For decades, it was known for is plum and apple crops, and in the late 1960s it became a refuge for Haight-Ashbury’s migrating flower children. They flocked to the North Bay’s green hills and valleys wanting to live off the land, many joining communes and partaking in all that 1967’s Summer of Love had to offer. Today, Sebastopol’s main attraction is The Barlow, a former applesauce canning plant that belonged to prominent resident Thomas Barlow and his family. The Barlow now houses a walkable maze of local businesses that offer plenty of wining, dining, tasting and shopping. Planning a visit to Sebastopol? Here are the places you won’t want to miss.

[Barge North Company, Blue Ridge Kitchen, Golden State Ciders, JG Switzer, Region…]

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Bohemian Best of 2021 Winners at The Barlow…

Best Bar: Fern Bar

Best Cider: Golden State Cider

Best Cocktails: Fern Bar

Best Craft Beer Selection: Crooked Goat

Best Gin: Spirit Works Distillery

Best New Restaurant: Blue Ridge Kitchen

Best Pizza: Acre Pizza

Best Natural Foods: Community Market

Best Outdoor Haircut: ReFrame Hair Gallery

+ Best Maker Event: Head West Marketplace

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Most propel find it hard to imagine that I didn’t try my first taco until the age of about 30- and even then with much trepidation and disbelief. Those tiny corn tortillas had no business being unfried and doubled up liek that, I thought. It didn’t contain cumin-overloaded seasoning from a packet. It didn’t even have hamburger or sour cream. One bite, however, of a simple carnitas soft taco with onions and fresh cilantro, a little dab of hot sauce and – hold-the-guacamole, this is a taco?!

Even years later, after eating thousands of tasty tacos from throughout California, I still don’t fully understand the subtleties of this ancient, beloved street food of Mexico. But I’ve made progress after devouring two seasons of Netflix’s series The Taco Chronicles, which schooled me in the culture and history of al pastor and lesser-known local taco fillers like suadero (fatty beef) and cabrito (goat), buche (pork stomach) and cabeza (head). 

So whether you end up going on a Taco Chronicles adventure of your own, exploring out-of-the-way taquerias specializing in barbacoa, or you just want to challenge yourself to get out of a burrito rut, there’s a lifetime of tacos out there just waiting to be discovered. And you don’t even have to wait until #tacotuesday. 

Carne Asada- Barrio, Sebastopol: Not all asadas are created equal, and in fact, most aren’t even worth your time. It takes a master to flavor and perfectly grill a muscular cut of beef into something mouthwatering. Usually marinated with chiles and lime, asada is typically cut from skirt or flank steak, then diced into cubes. So often carne asada is dry and tough, but we love the mix of spice and tenderness from both of these taco spots. 6760 McKinley Street #140, Sebastopol, 

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Americans have proven that no hardship can keep them from their beloved native spirit, bourbon. As VinePair reported last September, sales of off-premise bourbon reached $1.34 billion in revenue only eight months into 2020 – a staggering 30 percent increase from the previous year.

And the bourbon industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. To help highlight new released worth a splurge, VinePair asked experts for the bourbons that have recently earned a place on their bars and in their hearts. Keep reading for some newly released treasures, plus a few classics that should be on every bourbon connoisseur’s radar.

“Spirt Works Bourbon. Spirit Works is here in Sebastopol at The Barlow. They are local, source quality ingredients, it’s made by wonderful people, and it tastes great. We use it in Dealer’s Choice cocktails like an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Whiskey Sour to show off the quality and flavor. It can be enjoyed neat or with a little ice as well. ” – Sam Levy, Fern Bar at The Barlow, Sebastopol, Calif.

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Craft beer conjures up different expectations depending on whom you ask, but most experts agree that small, independent breweries making distinctive and innovative products define the category. Despite the media blitz extolling the craft cocktail scene, many bartenders can attest that foregoing a cocktail or a dram of whisky in favor of an ice-cold beer is often the greatest cure after a long and exhaustive night of service. 

To find out which craft brews should be stocked in your fridge, VinePair asked drinks pros for their tried and true recommendations. Keep reading below for a list of beloved bottles, ranging in origin from western Wyoming, to Belgium…

“Our go-to craft beer is from Woodfour Brewing at The Barlow: the Bohemian Nectar, a classic saison. They describe it’s as ‘a classic saison at the core featuring Belgian Pils and a touch of wheat malts. Dry-hopped with a gracious amount of Mosaic hops creates an intensely juicy tropical aroma. Crisp, quenching finish, sunshine in a glass.”- Sam Levy, Co-Owner/ Bar Director, Fern Bar, Sebastopol Calif.

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San Francisco home goods boutique BaBoo wants to make your home a happy place. They even sell indoor swings!

Amidst the retail upheaval caused by the pandemic there’s also positive news: new stores are opening in Sonoma County and The Barlow is about to welcome a home decor pop-up shop. 

Beginning March 12, San Francisco home goods boutique BaBoo will bring its happy strain of high-style furnishings to the Sebastopol marketplace. After moving from a Pacific Heights location to the San Francisco Design Center, the store has now embarked on a California tour where it will set up several temporary shops. 

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For this dish, Matt D’Ambrosi, chef of Blue Ridge Kitchen at. theBarlow outdoor marketplace in Sebastopol, Calif., plates roasted steelhead trout with charred and creamed Brussels sprouts and kale, along with potatoes that have been boiled, chilled, smashed and then fried until crispy. 

He also makes a gastrique with pomegranate juice and pink peppercorns cooked down with sugar and vinegar, He said the sweet-and-sour sauce complements the fish well and also goes nicely with the cream in the vegetables. he adds pomegranate seeds for acidity and crunch, and then finishes the dish with an Italian salsa verde made with capers, parsley, lemon, garlic, shallot, olive oil and a little Parmesan cheese. 

“The salsa verde is great because it adds a fresh, herbaceous essence that complements both the gastrique and the cream sauce,” he said. 

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The retail industry has always evolved alongside shifting consumer preferences, but the convenience of online shopping combined with effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented challenges, leading to high store vacancy rates and declining food traffic. 

To stay profitable and relevant amidst these changing trends, forward-thinking retail developers are looking beyond the traditional strip mall and department store models of the past when considering development projects for the future.

Many believe a solution lies in a trendy new niche of commercial communities, designed to offer meaningful shopping experiences that e-commerce simply cannot. These expansive outdoor markets boast an array of artisan goods in campus-like settings that draw people out of their homes and into unique community spaces. 

These commercial communities, such as The Barlow, a 5-ha (12-acre) trendy outdoor marketplace in Sebastopol, California, appear poised to usher in a new era that could redefine and revitalize the modern shopping experience at a time when the industry is at an inflection point- and developers are increasingly relying on metal building systems as the method of construction to make these hip, high-end spaces a reality. 

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As we face our first Valentine’s Day since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shelter-in place orders almost a year ago, the local arts community not only embraces the situation. but waxes philosophical, even though many venues remain closed…

At the Barlow shopping district in Sebastopol, both the Lori Austin Gallery and Gallery 300 are open for business, with limited capacity and social distancing protocols in place. 

“Flowers and chocolates are lovely and traditional, but a thoughtfully chosen piece of art is the ultimate act of romance,” gallery owner Lori Austin said. “There are incredible pieces of original art you can find for under $100. I just want people to know there is accessible art out there.”…

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It’s hard to pick a favorite pizza spot, when so many Sonoma County restaurants serve up excellent pies – whether hand-tossed, wood-fired or ooey-gooey Friday night style. To satisfy your pizza cravings, we’ve gone through some of our favorites from the past and picked out a few standout restaurants for tasty pies. Remember to check opening hours, dining options and menus, as these may vary due to the pandemic. 

Acre Pizza, Sebastopol: Detroit style pizza is a winner, with a deep, crispy crust and melty cheese, along with seasonal favorite pies and slices. 6760 McKinley St., 6760 McKinley St., Suite 150, Sebastopol. Open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, 707-827-3455,

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From classic fluffy ones served up with eggs and bacon to carrot cake and supersize versions, here are some of our favorite pancakes right now. 

From ancient Romans to millennial brunchers, pancakes have long been a favorite breakfast-time tunny-warmer – and mimosa accomplice…

Best Newcomer- Blue Ridge Kitchen, Sebastopol: Carrot cake pancakes are made with carrot and apple souffle, cream cheese poppy-seed glaze, golden raisins, candied pecans, and smoked maple syrup…

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On a 7.5 ton loom affectionately named Luna, a group of women at The Barlow are meticulously crafting some of the most beautiful wool blankets in the world. Designer Jessica Switzer Green, a former Tesla executive, launched JG Switzer with the goal of creating textiles so luxurious and finely made that they will last not only a lifetime, but can be handed down to the next generation. 

The bespoke blankets and throws, each elegantly edged in lustrous silk charmeuse, are primarily woven from the soft, sustainably harvested wool of rare breeds of sheep. These heirloom breeds produce distinctively different fleece- the Wensleydale, for example, has long, fast-growing fleece that must be cut twice a year. 

I’m really going for small flock animals at risk,” explains Green. “I’m choosing for the quality of the wool and the softness. And the color is really important, because I’m an oil painter, and I think of it as painting in wool”. Much of the company’s wool is sourced from nearby producers, including Sue Gustafson in Sebastopol, who keeps a small flock of rare Bluefaced Leicester sheep on her 8-acre farm. “The fiber grows in ringlets and it comes in white and in brown,” Gustafson says. “It’s a nice fiber to use for clothing and other projects because it’s not scratchy. You can wear it next to your skin”…

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The Farmer’s Wife. The sandwich initially may have been invented to make multitasking easier, but the cheesy melted sandwiches from the Farmer’s Wife definitely require both hands. Kendra Kolling, who’s also a regular at a couple of Bay Area farmers markets, loves stuffing a couple of cheeses, sustainable meat, jam, and eggs in her creations. “What I bring back from my farmers market represents the strength and bounty of our local foodshed”, says Kolling. She got into the sandwich business after she married an apple farmer and needed to boost their margins. Start slowly with the patty melt, which features grass fed beef, caramelized onions, cheddar, and secret sauce. Or go whole hog on the Belly & Jelly, a substantial mashup or honey lavender bacon, apricot preserves, wildflower honey, and melted cheddar. 

Blue Ridge Kitchen. Some of the most delicious fried chicken in the Bay rea can be found here. Chef Matthew D’Ambrosi says it took him 287 batches to perfect the batter, whose deep golden hue is like a cross between tempura and a beer-battered fish fillet. The batter is crunchy, savory, and light with caramelized notes reminiscent of a perfect apple fritter. And the meat is tender and juicy, even without the spicy beurre blanc that comes on the side. The chef brings the same level of intensity to the rest of the menu, but especially his cioppino, hardwood smoked prime rib, shrimp and grits, and burger – all currently available for take out.

Two Dog Night Creamery. Ice cream that’s made fresh with liquid nitrogen has been around for a while. But the flavor volume is turned up to high when it comes to the gelato at Two Dog Night Creamery. In the summer, customers might be seduced by the signature Blackberry Pie (vanilla ice cream with sweet organic blackberries). But the shop’s regulars also dally with the Caramelized Apple Pie flavor, which is studded with warm spices, and have a steady thing with the Bananas Foster. They’ve also got vegan peanut butter ice cream, and you can get a couple of free toppings on your cone. 

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Despite life in Wine Country looking a lot different in 2020, we have been pleased to see a small flurry of business openings. To say that 2020 was a challenge for Sonoma County businesses is an understatement, but if there’s something that is still true about Wine County this past year and ever year, it’s that it is just as enticing today as ever before. 

Especially for food and wine lovers seeking a destination that offers world renowned cuisine and wines, beautiful scenery, a laid back vibe, and a wealth of socially distant- friendly outdoor spaces in which to enjoy it all in. Here are the top new places to eat, drink, and stay in Sonoma County this year. 

Over in West Sonoma County, Sebastopol’s Blue Ridge Kitchen opened its doors last summer to plenty of eager foodies who’d been awaiting a scaled up, seated restaurant dining option in The Barlow…

Another fantastic new arrival at The Barlow over the past six months is Region Wine Bar, a unique Sonoma focused wine bar that features a collection of wine from 25 boutique and/or quintessential Sonoma County wine producers, equalling a total of 50 wines (or more) that guests can taste all in one place…

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It’s almost cruel to talk about the incredible food I have eaten this year as we begin another pandemic lockdown. Many of these restaurants are closed or only offering takeout, which pales in comparison to the summertime luxury of being able to eat al fresco. 

For that I’m sorry, but not that sorry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s my most sincere wish that we’ll soon be able to enjoy the amazing food Sonoma County is known for. This look back at the best dishes I ate this year is also a homage to all the chefs who refused. to give up and pivoted over and over to meet the challenges heaped on them at every turn…

Blue Ridge Kitchen, Croque Madame: This showstopper is the Liberace of sandwiches. Its jeweled capelets of griddled brioche sit in a dainty puddle of golden saffron Bechemel. Up top is a jaunty chapeau of sunny-side-up eggs and sequins of caviar. Peering inside, you’ll find a symphony of fontina, county ham and even lobster. You can’t look away from that kind of fabulous…

Sushi Kosho, Japanese Eggplant with sweet miso glaze and walnuts and sushi made for a happy visit to one of my favorite chefs, despite the lockdown…

Acre Pizza, Detroit-style pizza: Caramelized crust, homemade sauce and loads of cheese make this thick-crust, gramma-style pizza too delicious to ignore…

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Spirit Works Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($50/750ml, 45% ABV; Spirit Works Distillery, Sebastopol): This distillery, owned by husband-and-wife team Timo and Ashby Marshall, former merchant marines who worked with environmental nonprofits, opened in the Barlow complex of Sebastopol in 2012. Whiskey was always a goal for he distillery, and upon opening, he Marshalls began laying down whiskey in 53-gallon barrels. This bourbon from Spirit Works’ head distiller Krystal Goulart was fist released in April 2020, as it took a few years to source the organic California-grown corn that is essential to bourbon. Aged four years in new American oak, this bourbon has the classic flavors of cherry, orange and herbal menthol typical in the style, buttressed with more grain flavor in the form of whole-gran toast with honey and light floral aromas…

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San Francisco Chronicle


Back in February, before 2020 took its dangerous turn, I flew to Northern California to, among other things, report an article on Pax Mahle Wines in Sebastopol, a winery that is home to six exceptional producers, all sharing space, working similarly in the cellar with no commercial yeast or other additives, but making very different wines…

Each of the labels – Martha Soumen Wines, Jolie-Laide, RAEN, Jaimee Motley Wines and Monte Rio Cellars – makes beautiful wines. But the one that stayed with me was a syrah from Pax Mahle Wines, made by the husband-and-wife team at the center of the group, Pax and Pam Mahle.

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The New York Times


It just got cooler outside, which means there’s an imperative to get cozier. And with activities moving outdoors and remaining so for much longer this season, it’s really important to bundle up. Here are a few finds that will keep you warmer and cozier or both whether we’re in the field, on a hike or curled up on the couch.

This cozy hoodie is a stylish defense against dropping temperatures. The fact that it’s cut and sewn in the USA and screen-printed in a Mendocino studio should give you extra warm fuzzies. $68 Barge North Company, The Barlow, 6780 McKinley St. Ste. 140, Sebastopol, 707-503-6018,

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Sonoma Magazine


Sebastopol’s Barlow center is having its close-up moment. After some stunning lows over the years- namely, the 2018 flood that left shops and restaurants literally underwater 0 the sprawling outdoor marketplace is suddenly a poster child for outdoor entertainment in the pandemic age. 

Restaurants are bustling, as are taprooms, tasting rooms, and stores, as those in need of a little vitamin D with their craft brew gather, socially distanced, for a much-needed outing…

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Sonoma Magazine


The western edge of Sonoma County is at the forefront of farm-to-table eating, thanks to a cornucopia of organic farms and vineyards, mushroom and poultry growers, cheesemakers and fishermen who thrive along the fog-swept coast. 

This fertile melting pot has helped nurture the food-and-beverage businesses at the bustling Barlow in Sebastopol, Despite the recent challenges of a pandemic, fires and floods, the industrial-chic complex has survived as a thriving community of food, wine, beer and spirit producers alongside an organic grocery store, juice bar, ice cream shop and restaurants, both casual and high-end…

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The Press Democrat


The Barlow in Sebastopol offers a range of options for the savvy holiday shopper. Plus great food and drinks.

Inflatable ghosts and pumpkins have just been packed away, which, pre-pandemic, would signal it’s time to think turkey and gatherings. But since medical advice is to keep gatherings virtual or very small this year, now could be a good time to focus on early holiday shopping instead. By starting your holiday shopping early, you’ll have more time to ship gifts to family and friends and local businesses will appreciate an early kick-off to the holidays.

The Barlow in Sebastopol offers a range of options for the savvy holiday shopper. The former apple cannery now houses workshop and retail spaces where talented makers produce and sell their unique wares. Visitors to The Barlow can also enjoy drinks and bites from tasting rooms and restaurants. If you prefer to shop online, that can be done, too…

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Sonoma Magazine


Region: Imagine being able to try 50+ wines from different wineries under one roof. You can do this at Region. In one room , you can do a self-guided tasting of 50 wines in the Wine Station machines, And in the other, you can do a traditional hand poured experience from the winemakers themselves…

W.M Cofield Cheesemakers: “Cheese. Wine. Friendships. The best improve with age.” We couldn’t agree more! William Cofield Cheesemakers brings proper British style cheeses to Sonoma County. And they are DELICIOUS!…

Dinner at Blue Ridge Kitchen: California dishes, reimagined and elevated. Instead of choosing the dishes ourselves, we asked Blue Ridge Kitchen to send us their favorites. We often gravitate towards dishes we are familiar with, but sometimes, the best dishes are ones we overlooked and didn’t order…

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Croissants And Caviar


Organic local milk with a dash of “proper” British style has yielded some delicious cheeses at The Barlow.

These delectable products, all from a small purveyor named Wm. (that’s a British abbreviation for “William”) Cofield Cheesemakers, are unlike any other cheese being made in the region – a rare and unusual treat that has titillated foodie fans both near and far.

The shop is a cut off the old block from cheesemaker Keith Aams, who makes all the cheeses himself on site in Sebastopol.

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The Press Democrat


What’s the best season to open a restaurant? The upside of a summertime opening is that it’s typically prime tourist season, and there’s an influx of incoming visitors. The downside is many locals are vacationing, so it’s hard to cultivate a solid group of regulars. But 2020 has been far from usual, and Blue Ridge Kitchen seemed to appear overnight, opening this summer in the midst of a national pandemic when indoor dining was shut down. I happened by one Sunday afternoon as I was strolling through The Barlow to see its outdoor dining section humming with business, as if it had been there for years. So on a Wednesday evening in September, Alex and I ventured there to find out how they’re making the magic happen.

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North Bay Biz


New Wine Bars in Napa + Sonoma: Region

A new wine bar at The Barlow lets you sip all around Sonoma in one place. Region utilizes self-serve WineStations, which dispense wine at the push of a button. Simply link your Region tasting card to a credit card and enjoy pours of three sizes (and varying price points) at your leisure from 25 boutique local producers spanning 14 Sonoma appellations. 

The Hottest New Restaurants in Napa + Sonoma: Blue Ridge Kitchen

Another new addition to Sebastopol’s The Barlow is Blue Ridge Kitchen (in what was formerly Zazu), serving California comfort food with a Southern drawl. Case in point: the croque madame with lobster. Sip a craft cocktail, like the Gravenstein Julip (bourbon, apple reduction lime juice, apple bitters, mint leaves), and order several small plates to share.

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Keith Adams founded the acclaimed Alemar Cheese company in Minnesota in 2008 but these days you’ll find him in California, the state where he was raised. Alemar was named after his two daughters, Alexandra, who works at Alemar today, and Mari. He and his partner named their California-based cheese company Wm Cofield also with a combination of family names- Cofield is his middle name and William is his father’s name. The use of “Wm” for William was a British styling he saw in England.

“There’s no better milk that what you get in Sonoma County and it’s a beautiful place to live,” says Adams who may have moved back to California, but it was to make English style cheese. Making English style cheese in Northern California didn’t just make sense to Adams, but was warmly welcomed by his customers.

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While not a reaction to COVID-19 or creating safe public gathering places, California ‘s Barlow project represents a novel trend in community development: transforming former industrial areas into “maker communities.” In a great example of adaptive reuse- in this case an old apple canning and processing facility- developer Barney Aldridge transformed an old, 12.5-acre canning facility into a hip, mixed-use space development. Initially, Sebastopol, in California wine country, rejected a residentially heavy proposal, but were intrigued by a “makers market”. With some input and guidance from the city, the industrial-chic outdoor marketplace exists today.

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JG Switzer + Studio AHEAD

With beginnings as a wool blanket company, Jessica Switzer Green is expanding JG Switzer to offer a wider array of natural-fiber textiles, bedding, and home goods, including this new applique fabric designed in collaboration with Studio AHEAD for their Sheep Lounge Chair.

A former Tesla executive, Jessica Switzer Green launched Sonoma-based JG Switzer in 2018 as a wool blanket company, working with “hundreds of fleeces, many of them from small-flock breeds that are considered endangered,” she says. Now she has expanded to include a wider array of natural-fiber textiles, bedding, and home goods.

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There’s a reason that Sebastopol’s Barlow has been one of the biggest scenes to be seen lately – and I’m calling it choose-your-own-adventure dining. Taprooms and tasting rooms are pairing up with nearby eateries to offer al fresco dining whereever you choose. So, say you’re up for sushi with your Seismic? Yup. Golden State Cider with a slice? Yes, please. But what I’m feeling extra excited about is Fern Bar’s pairing with Region, a new wine tasting room with- breathe- self-serve machines that feature 50 unique wines from 14 appellations…

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What do a tattoo artist from Sebastopol, a landscape architect from Forestville and a commercial artist from Petaluma all have in common?

They all have artwork featured in The Barlow’s new outdoor mural exhibit, “Greetings from The Barlow: A Postcard Tribute to Sonoma County, ” not on display and scheduled to continue indefinitely.

For the show, artists were asked [to] submit work that represents the county: “If you were to send a postcard from Sonoma, what would it look like? How would you render our beautiful county?” The result is a handful of large-scale paintings brightening The Barlow’s grey and white exteriors with color.

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Bakeries, breweries and bangles at The Barlow

The Barlow in Sebastopol is less than an hour from Sonoma and my favorite kind of day trip with two equally good routes. Check out the vines changing colors along Highway 12 on the way there and stop by the farm stands and antique shops on Route 116 on the way back. Once at the Barlow, the outdoor “market district” boasts a handful of cool shops and a dozen food and drink options including tastings outdoor at Golden State Cider and Crooked Goat Brewery and wine on tap by the ounce at the new hot spot Region. Kendra Kolling’s Farmer’s Wife deliver a gooey artisan grilled cheese to your table outside any venue and you’re almost guaranteed to hear some live music. The overall vibe is distinctly young, hip, casual and carefree.

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Sebastopol’s Barlow is having its closeup moment. After some stunning slows over the years – namely the 2018 flood that left shops and restaurants literally underwater – the sprawling outdoor marketplace is suddenly a poster child for outdoor entertainment in the pandemic age.

Restaurants are bustling, as are tap rooms, tasting rooms and stores as Bay Area visitors, locals and anyone in need of a little vitamin D with their craft brew gather, socially distanced, for a much-needed outing.

The newest entrant is Blue Ridge Kitchen, a Southern(ish) restaurant that was designed to be a sort of something-for-everyone spot similar to Napa’s Rutherford Grill or the iconic Buckeye Roadhouse. With plenty of fast-casual and cocktail-cool dining concepts in the Barlow, Blue Ridge is the approachable anchor restaurant missing since the departure of Zazu Farm + Restaurant in 2018.

Not that fellow Barlow restaurants including Sushi Kosho, Farmer’s Wife, Barrio, Acre Pizza and Fern Bar don’t have their own brisk following. It’s just that Blue Ridge is where you take your mom for a two-mimosa brunch with fried chicken and waffles so good she’ll forgive you for the belly button ring in 1997.

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American Distillery Institute names grain-to-glass distillery ‘Distillery of the Year’

It takes grains, sugars, yeast and water to make whiskey and other alcohol spirits. But the most favored and rewarded spirits are equally prized for what surrounds the bottle and barrels as much as what the final fermentation inside the bottle offers.  This is where a craftsman’s touch, artisan approach and pursuit for both the authentic and the original earn top shelf honors.

All this is true at Sebastopol’s Spirit Works Distillery, which just won “Distillery of the Year” from the American Distilling Institute. The small craft distillery, led by owners Ashby and Timo Marshall, was recognized for its series of premium spirits and also for its local community involvement, industry leadership and environmental practices.

“As a distillery deeply committed to quality and innovation in making and serving the best grain-to-glass spirits in the world, Spirit Works continues to raise the bar,” said Erik Owens, vice president of the American Distilling Institute (ADI).

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Sebastopol’s industrial outdoor market, The Barlow is getting two new tenants this month. The 12-acre industrial outdoor market offering local shops, food and drinks will be home to a wine co-op and new restaurant even with new mandates that restrict indoor dining in restaurants and bars.

The wine bar, Region, is slated to open July 25th next to Golden State Cider. Offering 50 different wines from Sonoma County, Region works with specific winemakers from 14 of Sonoma County’s 19 appellations to make sure the wines represent the broad spectrum of the region – hence the name, says co-founder Kerry Thedorf. The wine bar will have two distinct spaces…  [Read more]

As for the restaurant, Blue Ridge Kitchen will open on July 28. The new California-inspired spot is taking the place of Zazu Kitchen & Farm, which closed last year due to flooding. General Manager Eric Zahra describes the menu as “California comfort food with a southern drawl,” utilizing local farmers to create food with a southern slant.

The menu is still being finalized, but items include southern staples like fried green tomatoes, fried shrimp po’boys, mac and cheese, shrimp and grits, and fried chicken. There are also a few favorites from chef Matt D’Ambrosi tried, like smash burgers and ahi tuna tartare with black rice chips…

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Blue Ridge Kitchen will soon be opening in the former Zazu space in the Barlow.

Describing the menu as “California comfort food with a Southern draw,” General Manager Eric Zahra (Real Restaurants group, Piatti) heads up an all-star cast that includes Virginia native Jared Rogets (Guesthouse, Picco) as consulting chef and Matt D’Ambrosi (recently of Spoonbar, Harmon Guesthouse and Pizzando). The restaurant is undergoing a makeover, which includes a showpiece J&R live fire grill but maintains the open, airy vibe of the space.

Barlow founder Barney Aldridge is currently a minority partner in the project and said he brought together the team to create a friendly, seven-day-a-week, “heart of the community” destination like Marin’s iconic Buckeye Roadhouse or Napa’s Rutherford Grill.

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Sonoma Magazine  |    July, 2020


You don’t have to be Jiro Ono, the sushi master in the 2011 documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” to turn out a maki roll with your own two hands.

You don’t even need to order raw fish from a fishmonger, such as the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.

But if you love to wrap and roll, sushi is bound to be delicious fun, even without all those hard-to-pronounce Japanese fish names. Simply slice up a few easy ingredients — vegetables like carrots and cukes, seafood like smoked salmon and cooked shrimp — and make a big pot of sushi rice. Then invite some friends over for a roll-your-own party, complete with bamboo mats, pickled ginger and sake…

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Press Democrat  |    January 21, 2020


As all of us know, the wine country of Napa and Sonoma, has been hard-hit by fires as well as floods over the past several years. One thing that is most helpful for the area, is to visit to help boost the economy and revive the shops, wineries, restaurants, and hotels there.

Read more Sacramento Street  |    December 3, 2019

The Barlow makes Cosmopolitan’s list of To Dos in Sonoma County, CA

Before you head on to your next wine tasting, stop at The Barlow, an outdoor market in downtown Sebastopol with a sandwich shop, taqueria, ice-cream parlor, and a few breweries (like many other wine-growing regions, the craft beer movement is exploding in Northern California). I had the best BLT of my life at…

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Cosmopolitan  |    November 5, 2019


I’ve been wanting to get down to The Barlow–an outdoor marketplace in Sebastopol with a great mix of local food, art, speciality stores, wine and beer–for sometime now and finally made a day of it with my mom and Willow recently.  We were on our way to San Francisco and went by way of Sonoma from Sacramento, specifically so we could pop into Elsie Green‘s location at The Barlow….

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Dog Friendly Restaurants in Sebastopol, CA

There are 8 pet friendly restaurants in Sebastopol that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables. Need help deciding where to eat? Here’s a detailed description of each restaurant, along with pictures and reviews from other dog owners.

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Bring Fido  |    June 7, 2019

Sebastopol’s Fern Bar features ultra-cool cocktails in trendy space

I had stopped to admire a woman’s Border Collie at the entrance of Fern Bar, and after agreeing that he was one of the most handsome dogs in the universe, she asked me if I’d ever eaten at the Sebastopol restaurant, bar and lounge.

I said I hadn’t — though I’d been meaning to venture into the chic hangout in the Barlow for small plates and cocktails since its winter opening. She mused that she’d thought of giving it a shot, but didn’t “speak the menu language.”

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The Press Democrat  |    June 7, 2019


as you might have seen on instagram last week, i made a visit to the barlow in the very charming town of sebastopol, in northern california, just a short drive from san francisco. the barlow has been reinvented from a bygone apple canary, into a 12-acre bay area industrial-chic, outdoor market featuring locally made food, wine, beer, spirits, homewares and crafts — many of them made onsite by sonoma county artisans.

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SF Girl by Bay  |    June 6, 2019


You don’t have to understand impressionism to admire a Monet painting. Consider every doctor’s office or freshman dorm room they grace with blurry beauty. The chaotic overlapping drips of a Jackson Pollock, however, require a little more context to appreciate. Both are beautiful, but one takes a little more effort to understand. Fern Bar, which opened in October 2018 in Sebastopol’s Barlow, is beautiful and is a spot that needs a little context.

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Sonoma Magazine  | May 3, 2019


The teeth-chattering thrum of power washers on the sidewalk near Carlos Rosas’ cantina at The Barlow in Sebastopol are a hopeful sign of progress five weeks after disastrous flooding closed or damaged nearly half of the 40 businesses.

Though the road to rebuilding will be longer for some, Rosa’s Barrio Fresca Cantinawill be the first restaurant to reopen on Monday, April 8.

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Sonoma Magazine  |    April 5, 2019


Vintage and Antique shops reinvent the old. We love this genre of shops because rather than discarding goods these shopkeepers repurpose and recycle them, making them relevant for our lives today. These objects have aged and patinated, possessing stories and former lives that no newly minted goods can compete with. Treasures to cherish and preserve. These 10 Best Vintage and Antique shops are found in cities and villages, such as London and Los Angeles, and upstate New York.

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The Shopkeepers  |    February 25, 2019

Bespoke Sebastopol Blankets Make the Bed

From a small factory tucked into The Barlow a group of women and one loom they affectionately named Luna, are meticulously crafting what they hope are “the most beautiful blankets in the world.”

Far more than mere bedding, these bespoke blankets and pillows are “ethically sourced” and finespun from the soft wool of select breeds of sheep, some rare and endangered and a few raised and shorn on farms not far away in west Sonoma County.

Jessica Switzer Green is a self-described blanket girl and wool “nerd,” who recently launched JG Switzer with the simple goal of creating slow bedding — woolen blankets so luxurious and finely made that they will last not only a lifetime, but are worth handing down to a next generation.

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Meg McConahey|   Press Democrat   |    February 22, 2019

Off The Menu: An Evening At Fern Bar

Bob Cut ventured over to Fern Bar this season and logged a few hours in the moody, glamorous space. We got to watch the sausage being made, so to speak, as we arrived at the oh-so-cool spot before opening time. We saw the prep, the misting of plants, the hustle of staff much like the crew of a movie before the director calls action.

A movie set is truly a near-perfect description of this Sebastopol bar, as the aesthetic is strong and on brand, offering a transportive experience for restaurant-goers. From the music to the mood lighting and the living, breathing plants that blanket most surfaces, it’s easy to forget the world from where you came once you set foot in Fern Bar. Co-founder Sam Levy explained that from design to execution, the interior of Fern Bar was premeditated and intentional. The goal was to give Sebastopol something the town had never seen before.

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Isabella Welch |   Bob Cut Magazine   |    February 14, 2019

When Steph Curry Wins, Sales of Golden State Cider Spike

Golden State Cider’s success has a secret ingredient: the Golden State Warriors. While the only thing the drink and the basketball team have in common is their name, Golden State Cider has seen its fortunes rise with those of the reigning NBA champs, says the company’s chief executive officer, Chris Lacey. “When the Warriors are in the finals, a lot of people purchase GSC in stores, and many bars offer GSC specials as well,” he says. Lacey hasn’t met Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry, and doesn’t know if he drinks the cider, although the product is on the menu at International Smoke, the Bay Area restaurant co-owned by Curry’s wife, Ayesha. “We’re one degree of separation and a couple million dollars in sponsorship away from him,” says Lacey.

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Kate Krader|   Bloomberg   |    January 25, 2019

Splurging on sashimi: Barlow’s new Japanese restaurant worth it

Some people splurge on sports — Lakers tickets that average $170 to $2,500 per game. I put my sheckles into sashimi. Some people spend millions on a single painting, while I didn’t really think twice when I read that a Japanese fellow paid more than $3 million for a single fish the other week. It’s true: Kiyoshi Kimura, the self-titled “King of Tuna” and owner of the Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain in Japan, paid 333.6 million yen for a 612-pound bluefin tuna, translating to about $4,900 per pound.

Is it any surprise, then, that I’m thrilled to welcome Koshō to The Barlow in Sebastopol? It’s a tiny jewel box, small plates Japanese restaurant with a brief dinner menu and even smaller lunch menu, and it offers some of the best sushi and sashimi I’ve had in recent history.

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Carey Sweet|   Press Democrat   |    January 18, 2019


It’s not a stretch to say that Kendra Kolling (aka The Farmer’s Wife) makes one of the best sandwiches in the Bay Area. In fact, a San Francisco food writer called it exactly that. Years ago, Kolling won best sandwich at the Battle of the Brews’ ’Wich Hunt in Santa Rosa after blowing the competition out of the water — or at least off the plates with her melty, crusty, munchie, oozy delicious melts.

After 10 years of slinging her spectacular sammies at farmer’s markets and festivals throughout the region, Kolling has a brick-and-mortar space in Sebastopol. She’s pretty excited this outpost doesn’t have to be folded up at the end of the day. In fact she’s got a roof, a door and some swanky wallpaper, as well, in her matchbox-sized storefront at the Barlow.

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Sonoma Magazine   |    December 21, 2018


Wine country has a new cocktail destination in Fern Bar, which opened yesterday in Sebastopol’s outdoor marketplace The Barlow.

While the restaurant features appealing small plates and atmosphere, the main attraction is likely the cocktails from Sam Levy, former bar manager at three Michelin-starred Restaurant at Meadowood.

“I always want people to feel comfortable and have drinks that taste really good with housemade ingredients. What makes me the most comfortable when I go out is seeing things that I recognize, twists on classics, drinks with recognizable ingredients but done in a way that has a great balance, is really refreshing, a little more refined, and for me, a little more acidic,” Levy says.

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Janelle Bitker|   SF EATER   |    December 21, 2018

Seismic Brewing in Santa Rosa wins Wine, Beer + Spirits Industry Awards for 2018

Andy Hooper came to Seismic Brewing Company in late 2015, as the venture was just emerging. With a biochemistry degree from California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, and brewery training at University of California, Davis, he had managed the laboratory at Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Mendocino County for six years.

Seismic was started by Christopher Jackson, son of Barbara Banke and the late Jess Jackson of Jackson Family Wines, and Patrick Delves. The 13,000-square-foot brewery opened in a southwest Santa Rosa industrial area in May 2017. It produced 1,500 barrels the first year and is on track to make 3,200–3,500 this year, with more growth planned with a retail venue next year.

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Jeff Quackenbush|  North Bay Business Journal   |    December 5, 2018


Bay Area-based Laurie Furber has been scouring the French countryside for the past few years, sourcing antique and vintage pieces for Elsie Green, her emporium featuring all things Gallic. Her wares, which include charming pieces like vintage grocer’s scales, copper cookware, and wire oyster baskets, are available both online and at her stores in Concord, in the East Bay, and now, in Sebastapol in wine country.

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Julie Carlson  |   Remodelista |November 2018


Barlow newcomer Jake Rand knows his sushi. The former Sushi Ran chef worked in top sushi restaurants for much of his life and studied in Japan.  With practiced moves, he pushes the Tokyo-style red rice into the palm of his hand, flicks his wrists with feather-light pressure and a one-bite piece of nigiri magically appears.

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Sonoma Magazine  |    October 31, 2018


The emphasis is on food, local ingredients, and sustainability at Sushi Koshō, a modern Japanese and sushi restaurant at The Barlow in Sebastopol, in western Sonoma County.

Chef Jake Rand brings 20 years of experience to this new venture. He has traveled to many of the famous markets in Japan, gaining a vast knowledge of selecting top ingredients and the freshest fish.

The restaurant is named for a condiment commonly found in Japanese cuisine, yuzu koshō. Known for its spicy, acidic, and balanced nature, yuzu koshō appears throughout the menu in a variety of forms, including Meyer lemon, grapefruit, and Satsuma orange koshō.

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|   |    October 19, 2018


The seemingly simple act of making sushi is anything but. In Japan, apprentices sometimes spend decades perfecting things as mundane as washing the short grain rice properly and knowing the right proportion of vinegar to add to the warm-but-not-too-hot rice. And that’s before chefs can even think about touching a knife to fish.

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Heather Irwin |   Sonoma Magazine   |    October 15, 2018


For the last seven years, Sam Levy has been hard at work building a truly unique cocktail program as Bar Manager of the three Michelin starred The Restaurant at Meadowood. This fall, Levy is set to return to his roots—literally and figuratively—opening his own place in his hometown of Sebastopol, CA.

“The Bar at The Restaurant at Meadowood provided an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the most creative people in the industry. We’ve won a lot of awards for hard work. It’s a life that we shared together,” Levy said. “There are things that I’ve gained and learned from that experience that will be with me for the rest of my life.”

However, it is time to move on. So, together with several old friends, Levy will soon launch his Fern Bar in Sonoma County. The bar maestro describes his new endeavor as 100 seat “bar focused restaurant.”

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B.E. Mintz |   Neat Pour   |    September 8, 2018

The best and the worst dishes at Outside Lands 2018

The “Works” sandwich from Sonoma County purveyor the Farmer’s Wife was our favorite Outside Lands offering from last year. The merguez sausage melt is just as satisfying, and slightly less messy. The hearty patty is griddled between two buttery slices of bread with sharp, melty cheese and a bright chimichurri sauce. If you’re only going to eat one sandwich this weekend, make it this one.

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Esther Mobley  |  San Francisco Chronicle | August 11 2018


have you heard the big news? well, if not allow me the pleasure of letting you know that vintage shop extraordinaire elsie green is now open at the barlow. if you’ve not been to elsie green’s original location in the east bay’s concord, it’s very dreamy, too and if you have then i think you’ll agree the barlow is an ideal spot for location #2! the barlow is a favorite stop of mine on the way to wine country and quickly expanding with great shops and cafes, so i’m excited to visit the new elsie green on my next visit.

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Victoria Smith  |   SF Girl by Bay |June 2018


A visit to reseller and retailer Elsie Green’s new store in Sebastopol’s Barlow is a master class in housewares curation and home design.

The new location, the first addition to the brand’s successful Concord store, offers what one might expect from a purveyor of French vintage finds, but Elsie Green takes everything a beautiful step further.

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Karen Kizer  |   Sonoma Magazine |June 2018


Grace Estrada, a Chicago Art Institute graduate, opened Kitty Hawk Gallery on Sebastopol’s Main Street in 2014 because she was “craving” the aesthetics from home, a style of arts and products she describes as “a little out there.

In April, Estrada closed Kitty Hawk Gallery and joined forces with her illustrator/artist husband Oliver Estrada to create their expanded retail vision: a general store selling clothing and wares of interest to the whole family.

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Karen Kizer  |   Sonoma Magazine | June 2018


Annie Groer/For The Washington Post

Slow food, anyone?

Explore a seemingly endless variety of dining, drinking and shopping experiences at The Barlow, a culinary and arts center in nearby Sebastopol. For a true slow food experience, visit the award-winning Zazu Kitchen + Farm and enjoy farm-to-table at its finest. The owners grow much of the produce served and also feature their own line of charcuterie.

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USA TODAY |  July 17, 2018


Happy Pi Day. Or is it Happy Pie Day?

Either way, we think celebrating pi (3.14 etc.) on 3/14 is a good enough reason to grab a piece of pie and ponder the mathematical universe. But really, is there ever a reason not to celebrate pie? In honor of Pi and Pie, we offer up a dozen of our favorite Sonoma County pie shops, and a few of our favorite slices therein. Click through the gallery above for details.

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|   Sonoma Magazine  |    March 2018


Annie Groer/For The Washington Post
The foodie scene is booming, from ambitious cafes and restaurants to the Barlow, a 13-acre market district whose local vendors sell flowers, clothing, art, soap, cheese and home goods. Beer is brewed, spirits are distilled and wine is made on the premises….

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Washington Post|  February 23, 2018


Photograph: Virginia Miller Oysters at Handline in Sebastopol
Covered in picturesque apple orchards, plum trees and vineyards, Sebastopol is perfect for a laid back weekend away. Nestled in western Sonoma county, day-trippers will have plenty of gourmet restaurants, distilleries and cafes to peruse in this sleepy town in Wine Country. Here are some of our favorites…

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Time Out|  January 25, 2018


Photo: Heather Irwin/PD
Because of its overseas origins, it has been hard to find good sloe state-side. This has changed as high-end cocktail establishments and caliber restaurants have been offering real sloe gin on its own or mixed in unique and traditional mixological combinations.

Thankfully, there is now a U.S.-based producer of sloe gin, and they happen to be located in our Northern California backyard, in the town of Sebastopol…

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ABV Magazine|  January 21, 2018


Photo: Heather Irwin/PD
Dishes here deserve a bit of explaining: Achiote sauce, for one, or salsa de Chile Seco; Frida Kahlo microgreens he picked up at the market this morning, or the homemade chorizo mixed with salsa de chile Morita. Take the time for a lesson in history and culture that will make every bite all the more delicious…

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By Heather Irwin, Sonoma Magazine |  December 19, 2017

Sebastopol’s Spirit Works Distillery wins Distillery Supplier Award

Photo: Santiago Mejia, The Chronicle
Five years ago Ashby and Timo Marshall combined their love of new-world whiskey (she is a native Californian), old-world sloe gin (he is from England), and other spirits to launch the Spirit Works Distillery at The Barlow in Sebastopol…

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By Gary Quakenbush, North Bay Business Journal|  December 4, 2017


Photo: Santiago Mejia, The Chronicle
Village Bakery – European-style bread, marzipan-covered Princess cakes and buttery desserts (not to mention the world’s tastiest English muffins), this iconic bakery is a staple for both Santa Rosa and more recently at the Barlow in Sebastopol. 

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By Diane Peterson, Sonoma Magazine|  September 29, 2017

Cowboy Creamery – Old friends make good cheese

Photo: Santiago Mejia, The Chronicle
In case you hadn’t noticed, the North Bay’s cheese scene is dominated by women…

But here come the dudes! Old friends Keith Adams and Rob Hunter teamed up to open William Cofield Cheesemakers in Sebastopol last year. There’s something else that distinguishes the duo, besides their gender: the cheese.

“We’re British-inspired cheesemakers,” Adams says. “No one is doing anything like this here.”

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By Stett Holbrook, Bohemian |  September 13, 2017

Mole is The Tie That Binds

Photo: Santiago Mejia, The Chronicle
The Rosas family will soon have another kitchen under their direction. After years of looking for a great location, they found a home at The Barlow in Sebastopol. “We wanted a seated restaurant, where we can serve wine and mezcal. And to show people that Mexico is not just mariachis and tequila,” says Rosas, “but also poetry and art and opera.”

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By Christina Mueller, Edible Marin & Wine Country |  August 25, 2017

Made in Sonoma: Top 10 Iconic Foods and Where to Find Them

Photo by Erik Castro

Maine is famous for its lobster, New Mexico for Hatch chiles and Iowa for corn.
But in the magical foodshed that is Sonoma County, we’re renowned for so many wondrous things, it’s tough to keep track.
Each season pulls its own delights from Mother Nature’s larder, from winter citrus to spring strawberries, summer tomatoes and fall figs. The bounty is so rich that many local restaurants tend their own farms, like the girl & the fig, Handline and Peter Lowell’s, Barndiva, zazu kitchen + farm and Single Thread…


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By Carey Sweet, Sonoma Magazine|  September 2017

New federal report offers historic view of Sonoma County’s economy, housing

Marin Magazine September 2017

Having survived the tech bubble bursting and the brutal Great Recession, the rural county is now seeing job growth increasingly coming from food production and hospitality… Keith Adams and Rob Hunter may have planted themselves right at the intersection of those two sectors. This summer they began releasing their first cloth-bound aged cheddar cheese from William Cofield Cheesemakers in Sebastopol…


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By Robert Digitale, The Press Democrat |  September 3, 2017

Pizza Nation

Marin Magazine September 2017

Even though there are many styles and tastes, when you’re traveling about the country it’s always smart to try the local pie. Chef Mark Hopper [Vignette Pizzeria] worked in fine dining (and alongside chef Thomas Keller) for nearly 30 years before returning to his favorite childhood food…


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By Katie Chang, Marin Magazine |  September 2017

The Sonoma Difference: Staying True to Its Roots


Imagine a food incubator in which budding molecular gastronomists, bakers, and cheesemakers learn from each other while perfecting their wares. Now imagine they’re actually seasoned pros—and their workspaces are open to the public. That’s one way to envision the Barlow…


Read on Condé Nast or Bon Appétit

By Condé Nast Traveler & Bon Appétit |  August 2017

30 Best Sonoma & Napa Restaurants for Wine Lovers, Wine Spectator 2017 Winners


Bacon haven Zazu holds down its Award of Excellence for the 14th year in a row. Their carefully crafted list of 90 wines focuses primarily on surrounding winemaking regions and wines produced in Sebastopol.


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By Sonoma Magazine |  July 2017

Sebastopol’s The Nectary wins North Bay Maker Award


“When people make a living doing what they love, happiness and growth are inevitable. We are raising the consciousness of community residents and visitors by providing liquid sunshine nourishment that truly feeds mind, body and spirit.”


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By North Bay Business Journal  |  July 2017

Briana Reyes of The Barlow wins Facilities Manager Award


“My main role is to support our team, The Barlow. To build relationships with our Makers in an effort to foster a sustainable Barlow community, build tenancy, and maintain the campus as a safe and enjoyable place to be.” -Briana Maughan Reyes…


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By North Bay Business Journal  |  June 2017

All You Can Eat in Sebastopol: The Best Snacks, Meals, Sweets + Drinks


Often overlooked thanks to its proximity to better known nearby wine and foodie locales, the quaint little town of Sebastopol actually firmly holds its own as an epicurean treasure trove and emerging enclave for disillusioned hipsters who’ve recently fled the city. Sebastopol even has its own answer to San Francisco’s Ferry Building: The Barlow is a one-stop for the gastronomically inclined…


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By Jen Woo |  7×7 |  June 2017

8 Epic California Road Trip Stops


Don’t overlook Napa’s sister county, a region rich in mom-and-pop establishments, artisanal wineries, towering Redwood trees, and charming small towns. … Drive to Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve for a hike and then spend an afternoon at The Barlow, an adaptive reuse of a large-scale apple cannery plant filled with craft breweries, distilleries, food producers, and art galleries (for dinner, we love Zazu, the beloved restaurant of celebrity chefs Duskie Estes and John Stewart)…


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By Paul Rubio |  Conde Nast Traveler | May 2017

Runners chase their suds at inaugural Beer Mile Invitational in Sebastopol


Canned or bottled? Warm or chilled? Beer brand. Pour angle. Cap-removal technique. Post-race hurl.

There’s a lot more to running and drinking than the average person might suspect.

But these were no mere amateurs participating Saturday in the inaugural Beer Mile Invitational at The Barlow in Sebastopol…


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By Mary Callahan |  The Press Democrat | April 2017

Inaugural IPA 10K & Beer Mile Comes to Sonoma County

Destination Races, the Sonoma-based event company behind the Wine Country Half Marathon, is bringing back the “run, sip, explore” concept to Sonoma County – but this time with hops instead of grapes. On April 14-15, runners and beer lovers alike are invited to participate in Destination Races’ inaugural IPA 10K (6.2 mile) and Beer Mile Invitational at The Barlow in Sebastopol…


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By Jess Poshepny Vallery | Sonoma Magazine  | March 2017

Farm-to-Table Life: Zazu Kitchen + Farm


It was just another Sunday morning at the Stewart-Estes home in rural Forestville. John Stewart fed the pigs, rabbits, chickens and duck, as Duskie Estes made breakfast for the couple’s two daughters and the family dog, Chloe. … For the duo, who opened zazu 15 years ago, energy trounces easy. Even in Sonoma, land of handmade, farm-to-table food, this couple goes to the extreme. Best known for their artisanal ways with pig, their menus often read simply, such as bacon-wrapped dates drizzled in sweet saba, chitarra pasta draped in slow-simmered pork-cheek sugo, and golden roasted pork chop atop faro and fagioli beans…


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By Carey Sweet | Sonoma Magazine  | February 2017

Sebastopol Ped Line one step closer to reality

sebastopol ped line

The City of Sebastopol received approval from CalTrans to move forward with four color-coded, self-guided walking tours. Known as Ped Lines, these walking tours create safe paths for pedestrians to take around the city, instead of driving. … The city required Caltrans approval, as the sidewalks and streetscapes along Highway 116 are owned by the state transportation agency. The Barlow development, which owns the sidewalks along McKinley Street, also gave Cittaslow permission for Ped Line markers to be placed on the sidewalks…


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By Amie Windsor | Sonoma West Times & News  | February 2017

Get Your Goat: Sebastopol Brewery Rides IPA Wave

If there is such a thing as “peak IPA,” it hasn’t happened yet. Crooked Goat, a microbrewery and tap room that opened in Sebastopol’s Barlow last August, already has plans to open a second tap room in March. Located on the opposite end of the unit, with the brewing facility in the middle, the new space will have more lounging options, according to head brewer Will Erickson (pictured), in contrast to the spartan, metal-shop setup of the current bar…

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By James Knight | North Bay Bohemian  | February 2017

Vacation With Your Valentine: America’s Most Romantic Retreats

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, chances are you have already made plans to stay at a romantic retreat with your loved one. But if you’re still undecided, there’s really no time to waste, with the availability of lodging and dining reservations across the country are disappearing nearly as fast as you can say “Happy Valentine’s Day.” For a few last minute suggestions, here are five of America’s best places to consider visiting for your next romantic getaway…

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By Randy Yagi | CBS New York  | January 2017

These 5 Ice Cream Spots in Wine Country Are Worth Braving the Cold

We don’t care that it’s cold outside. These only-in-Wine-Country artisanal ice creams made from bourbon, goat milk, sheep milk, or nitrogen, are worth the risk of frost bite.

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By Carry Sweet | 7 x 7  | January 2017

Mendocino’s Alsace Wine Festival

A spirited club: We’re hard pressed to name any winery without its own wine club. Now, it seems, distillery memberships are the next new thing. Sebastopol’s Spirit Works Distillery just launched a Spirits Club for customers who sign up for four, eight or 12 shipments per year.

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By Mary Orlin | The Mercury News  | January 2017

Spirit Works Distillery Announces Promotion of Lauren Patz to Head Distiller

Sebastopol, CA, January 5, 2017 – California grain-to-glass craft spirits pioneer Spirit Works Distillery announces the promotion of Production Manager/Distiller, Lauren Patz, to Head Distiller.  With the elevation of Patz into production and distilling leadership, Ashby Marshall, Distillery Co-Founder and former Head Distiller, is shifting to a new role as Brand Director, responsible for leading the overall brand vision, direction and voice of the Distillery as it continues to grow and evolve.

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By Spirit Works Distillery | January 2017

A guide to Sonoma County Distilleries With Public Tasting Rooms

William Faulkner, who fancied mint juleps and hot toddies, said “civilization begins with distillation.” With this in mind, Sonoma County is a great civilization, a burgeoning mecca for craft spirits producers. Sonoma County has approved more distillery licenses than any county in California, said Francesca Schott of the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, and the number of distilleries grew roughly 200 percent between 2013 and 2015. To help fuel your holiday spirit, we’ve set you up with a tour of spirits producers with public tasting rooms where you can sample the goods.

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By Peg Melnik | Press Democrat  | December 2016

West County Wishlist: Six Women-Owned Shops Worth Your Dollar

With its winding two-lane roads, picturesque farms and quirky small towns, West Sonoma County is one of the most alluring regions of the North Bay for day trips and getaways. It’s also a fantastic destination for shopping, thanks to a recent crop of unique galleries and boutiques founded by awesome local entrepreneurs. Here are six West County shops where you’ll find exceptional gifts to delight your loved ones or to treat yourself, while supporting small businesses and artisans…

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By Chelsea Kurnick | Sonoma Magazine  | December 2016

Local Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Are you working away on your holiday gift list and stumped for ideas? Here are some of my favorite items from around Sonoma County. There’s something on my list for everyone!…

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By Adrienne Shubin | Sonoma Magazine  | December 2016

50 Best Dishes in Sonoma County

Fifty Sonoma County dishes may seem like a lot, but to be honest, it wasn’t easy to whittle down our list from the hundreds of incredible and iconic meals we’ve had from Cloverdale to Cotati…

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By Heather Irwin | Sonoma Magazine  | December 2016

9 Under-the-Radar Chefs to Know in the SF Bay Area

With so many outstanding restaurants in the Bay Area, it’s tough for chefs to stand out…Together, these nine unheralded chefs are playing a key role in helping our local food scene continue as one of the most enriching anywhere in the world…

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By Trevor Feltch | Zagat  | December 2016

Food & Wine: Ultimate Holiday Handbook – 53 Recipes You’ll Want to Share

If you’re planning a holiday party for a crowd, stick to stunning roasts, simple side dishes and make-ahead appetizers. Whether you need…

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By Justin Chapple | Food & Wine Magazine  | December 2016

72 Hours in Sonoma County: The Ideal Wine Country Intinerary

When you live in Sonoma County, you’re never lonely for out-of-town visitors. Family, friends, college roommates, even casual acquaintances, are all eager to catch up with you and take in all the region offers. Thanksgiving through New Year’s is high season for houseguests, with the number of invading out-of-towners larger than the kids’ gift lists…

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By Sofia Englund | Sonoma Magazine  | December 2016

Highway 116: 9 Essential Stops Along the Russian River

Fall and winter, when the summer crowds are gone, is an ideal time to travel Sonoma County’s Highway 116 between Sebastopol and the coast — past harvest-colored vineyards and groves of redwoods. This route is known as the Gravenstein Highway (although names on signage will change a number of times) after the Gravenstein apple, once a mainstay of the local economy…

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By Jill K. Robinson | San Francisco Chronicle  | October 2016

The 2016 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink

Fortune and Time Inc. sister publication Food & Wine teamed up to bring you our third annual list of the women who had the most transformative impact in the last year on what we eat and drink. This group of entrepreneurs, activists, and idealists is making its mark up and down the food chain.

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By Christine Quinlan, Daisy Alioto, Carson Demmond, Elyse Inamine | Fortune | September 2016

Retro Fashion for Real Women at Mad Mod Shop

Fans of vintage-inspired clothing should make a mad dash to Andrea DeTrinidad’s Sebastopol boutique Mad Mod Shop in The Barlow. Filled with carefully curated items- clothing, accessories, even some home decor items- shoppers step back in time to an era when women’s clothing was designed to flatter figured of all sizes…

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By Amy Schaus | Sonoma Magazine  | July 2016

The Best Sonoma County Wineries & Restaurants

About an hour north of San Francisco, Sonoma County is an unfussy California wine destination that suits the entire gamut of wine drinkers, from oenophiles to dabblers. More than 7 million people visit the region each year, giving Sonoma its proper notoriety as America’s number one wine region.

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By Lindsay   |   Food & Wine   |   January 2016

The Barlow Arrives- Sebastopol Wine, Food and Art Mecca

The official opening of the Barlow in Sebastopol was just about two years ago. We have visited The Barlow several times since, but not until last week could we simply state, “The Barlow has arrived!” This time the Barlow was a bevy of activity, with each of the artisan purveyors having enough customers and clients to keep them busy and thriving. There are still some empty storefronts, but those promise to be in operation soon. So what exactly is The Barlow? For those old timers, Sebastopol was once the area of many apple orchards…

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By Joe Becerra   |   Wine Country Getaways  |   October 2015

12 Delicious New Experiences in Sonoma

While Sonoma’s claim to fame is wine, the region’s latest crop of farm-to-fork fare—from a drive-thru restaurant from an organic-foods pioneer to a food-centric complex lined with eateries—is just as layered with ingenuity. From the hip, bustling plaza in Healdsburg to tasting rooms on postcard-perfect landscapes across the valley, here are must-stops for every foodie’s palate…

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By Kristine Hansen   |   |    October 2015

Where to Eat & Shop at The Barlow in Sebastopol

In Sebastopol, about an hour north of San Francisco, a development called The Barlow has replaced a 12.5-acre industrial site largely devoted to apple processing with an artisan-friendly commercial district. It’s now home to wineries, a distillery, microbreweries and boutique producers of everything from soap to furniture. Planters filled with herbs and vegetables edge newly plotted streets separating buildings clad in corrugated metal. An outdoor fire pit, bocce court and public lawns invite lingering on the campus, which also has restaurants and tasting rooms. A hotel with rooftop pool is on the drawing board…

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By Elaine Glusac   |    NY Times   |   August 2015

The Barlow

This is The Barlow in Sebastopol, California. At twelve and a half acres it’s about the same size as many other shopping centers. But it’s different in several important ways… First, The Barlow is built on a brownfield site. The land was part of a century old warehouse district adjacent to a defunct railroad depot. Some of the existing structures were retrofitted while new buildings filled in other parts of the property…

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By Granola Shotgun   |   Granola Shotgun Blog  |   August 2015

Barlow Developer Revises Plan for Sebastopol Hotel

The Barlow developer Barney Aldridge is moving forward with revised plans for a 90-room boutique hotel at his artisanal commercial center in Sebastopol, though it will be at least two years before the inn and spa could be ready to accommodate lodgers, he said. Forced back to the drawing board because of shortcomings in his previous plan for mitigating flood risks to ground-floor guest rooms…

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By Mary Callahan |   Press Democrat   |    August 2015

Sebastopol Boutique is Designer’s Chance to Cultivate Collection

The Barlow, Sebastopol’s newest shopping and dining project, is warehouse upon warehouse of sophisticated eateries, galleries and breweries. Located on the edge of this industrial grid, Tamarind boutique offers its own interpretation of urban chic. Owner Andrea Kenner, an ex-New Yorker, fills the bright, welcoming space with clothes and accessories by local and internationally acclaimed designers…

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By Flora Tsapovsky |    San Francisco Chronicle   |   August 2015

72 Hours in Sonoma: Day III

Generally, wine-tasting experiences are structured to maximize quantity rather than quality. More often than not, one books a tour bus for a tour of wineries in the region, buckling in for a madcap day of hasty visits. But after the second winery, the taste of the wines becomes all but indistinguishable. For a clearer experience of the glory of Sonoma wines, I recommend spending a luxurious amount of time visiting at most three wineries in a day, with at least a couple of hours between each…

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By Asha Yoganandan   |    TheDailyMeal   |   May 2015

Weekending in Sebastopol

Sebastopol is a laid-back town famed for Gravenstein apples and wineries, but over the years the landscape has shifted as apple orchards have been replanted with vineyards. There are still a few left, though, and a growing number of artisanal hard cider producers are preserving and showcasing the area’s apple wealth with an annual Apple Blossom Festival in April and Gravenstein Apple Fair in August. The hip, artisan “village” of The Barlow comprises a series of edible businesses, from distillery and coffee house to restaurants…

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By Virginia Miller   |   Zagat    |    March 2015

Sebastopol’s Barlow: Five Ways to Eat, Drink, Play

In just 18 months, The Barlow, an upscale food and wine playground in the heart of Sebastopol, has become home to 38 artists, food purveyors, winemakers, distillers and brewers — and a destination for locals and tourists alike. A mix of renovated warehouses and new, farm-style steel barns — a nod to Sonoma County’s agrarian roots — is spread out over 12.5 acres, along with patios, a garden and edible landscaping. The campus is abuzz with activity seven days a week…

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By Mary Orlin and Jay Brooks |   San Jose Mercury News   |    February 2015

Best Romantic Getaways on a Budget Near The Bay Area

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you are thinking of heading off for a romantic weekend, there’s really no time to waste. While you may have postponed making reservations because you’re on a budget, a romantic interlude doesn’t have to include a pricey dinner and pricier hotel or vice versa. Indeed, even the most popular Bay Area destinations can be quite affordable as long as you do a little advance planning. Here are some suggestions on visiting five romantic destinations in the Bay Area on a budget.

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By Randy Yagi   |   CBS Local   |   February 2015

Trendy Food Halls Across the USA

Food courts aren’t what they used to be. Forget cafeteria-style meals, bad lighting and unappealing decor. Urban food courts of today, often called food halls (because that just has a better ring to it), will wow you with local delicacies, food-focused learning and carefully planned entertainment, all with an international flair. Some feature big-name chefs, others feature up-and-comers, but one thing is certain: they put a ton of culinary choices all under one roof, and people can’t get enough of ’em.  …

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By Sarah Sekula | USA Today  | August 2014

Raising The Barlow

So the other day you were at this pizza barn on that old apple-factory land in Sebastopol, when—  What’s that? You weren’t at the pizza barn? You didn’t know about the pizza barn?  Okay, let’s back up a little.  So there’s this new pizza place called Vignette Pizzeria, and it’s inside a barn in wine country, and it’s now open from a couple of Farmshop vets.

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Urban Daddy  |   July 2014

New Sonoma County-Style Street Fair at The Barlow in Sebastopol

When The Barlow officially opened last year in Sebastopol, developer Barney Aldridge envisioned periodic street fairs along the avenues lining the 220,000-square-foot culinary and art center in the former Barlow Apple Factory at Sebastopol Avenue and Morris Street. Wish granted. And in a big way. Running every single Thursday evening from 4 to 8 p.m. through October 30, Aldridge shutting down McKinley St. in the heart of The Barlow, and taking to the streets for a community celebration…

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By Carey Sweet  |   |    July 2014

San Francisco Best of the Bay: Things To Happen To Sebastopol

“FOOD HALL When the Barlow opened last winter, the artisan megaplex bestowed a slew of shops upon a growing hamlet that desperately needed them”…

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By Jenna Scatena  |   San Francisco Best of the Bay    |    July 2014

Inaugural Thursday Night Barlow Street Fair

‘After an overwhelmingly positive response from our Grand Opening street fair event in November, it was clear that this is what the community wants; a place to come, spend time together and have fun, and this is what the Barlow and the street fair are all about,’ said Barney Aldrige, founder of The Barlow. ‘So we made some calls and invited some of the best food and artisan vendors from the North Bay to join us”…

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By Kimberly Kaido-Alvarez  |   Sonoma West Times and News    |    June 2014

North Bay Scene Setters

While it doesn’t have the size or support of the local food movement, the North Bay’s local fashion scene is home to a growing coterie of designers…

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By Flora Tsapovsky |   Bohemian   |    June 2014

4 New Shops Open at The Barlow

Fast on the heels of its official grand opening this fall, The Barlow of Sebastopol is nearly fully leased out, making it one of the best destinations in Sonoma County, and one of the finest arts and culinary centers in America. Four new tenants recently signed up for space in the shopping, dining and wine tasting campus at Highways 12 and 116, and are under construction for a scheduled summer debut…

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By Carey Sweet |   |    May 2014

73 Summer Weekend Getaways

“We’re bringing the artisans out of the woods and into the town center,” says Barney Aldridge owner of The Barlow…

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Sunset Magazine  |    2014

The Barlow Center: Treats, Art, Eat

Sebastopol has always been hip, but with the addition of The Barlow Culinary and Arts Center, it’s now got a whole new groove. Downtown is a lot bigger. Just next door to the Rialto Cinemas on McKinley Street, there’s a place to share fine food and enjoy art and wine. In fact, there are at least 38 exclusive experiences to choose from...

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By Sarah Amador  |   101 Things to Do  |    2014

Pig Love: In Pork We Trust featuring Zazu

When guests dining at ZaZu Kitchen + Farm in Sebastopol, California, take a bite of the signature dish called the Whole Pig, they immediately receive a burst of flavor which covers every part of the mouth. But to say the dish is delicious is an understatement. For beyond the meaty taste of pork, each bite represents the entire pig, including a mixture of meats…

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By Christopher Sawyer   |   Clever Root  |   2014

The Crowing Cap of 2013: The Barlow

With the opening of The Barlow on Hwy. 12 near Hwy. 116 this fall, Sebastopol became a hot destination nearly overnight. Packed with a dizzying array of marvelous stores, wineries and restaurants, the 220,000-square-foot, $23.8 million culinary and arts center stands to rival San Francisco’s Ferry Building and Napa’s Oxbow, with one unique twist…

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By Carey Sweet  |   Pure Luxury    |    December 2013

Insider Guides: The Barlow Attraction

“We’re bringing the artisans out of the woods and into the town center,” says Barney Aldridge, owner of The Barlow, a 13-acre retail park that packs a week’s worth of West Sonoma County destinations—cafes, community markets, tasting rooms—under 17 farmhouse-style roofs. Some two dozen shops are set up in the former apple factory, with more to come, as well as an outdoor stage for concerts…

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By Jenna Scatena  |   Sunset Magazine    |    May 2013

8 Bucket List Things To Do at The Barlow in California

While spending time in the neighboring town of Sebastopol, it was confirmed that sometimes you don’t need to travel far from home to find bucket list worthy adventures. Just fifteen minutes from my Northern California house there was a place that quenched my new experience thirst, The Barlow. This is not your typical shopping center, which is perfect because I am not a typical shopper. There has to be something unique to get me to stray from my convenient online spending habits.

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By Annette White |   Bucket.List.Journey.  |    December 2013

Sebastopol’s The Barlow A Smart Fit for Crossroads

It has taken seven years, but at last developer Barney Aldridge has the project he envisioned for Highway 12 and Morris Street in downtown Sebastopol. Welcome to the Barlow. The 220,000-square-foot, $23.8 million culinary and arts center celebrated its official grand opening with a street fair on Saturday, boasting 28 tenants in place, and room for only a few more plus a boutique hotel that’s currently being negotiated…

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By Carey Sweet |   SF Gate   |    November 2013

Barlow Center Sebastopol Ramps Up for April 2013 Opening

The Concept: An 222,000 square-foot artisan marketplace and production facility.  The Pitch: “The Barlow will also incorporate a carefully chosen selection of restaurants to create a comfortable, fun atmosphere where the community can come together and enjoy, art, wine and time with one another”…

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Bite Club Eats  |    January 2013

Sebastopol OKs Hotel Zoning for The Barlow

The Sebastopol City Council voted unanimously to approve a zoning amendment that could clear the way for a 60-room hotel at The Barlow development on the eastern edge of downtown. An initial concept calls for a two-story, 34,000-square-foot “boutique” hotel on three acres of vacant space at the site of the former Barlow Company cannery, recently redeveloped into a regional hub for food and wine business for West County…

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Dverel  |   North Bay Business Journal  |    July 2013

Wine Country Holiday Crawl: The Barlow in Sebastopol

If you’re looking for unique, artisanal and locally-made gifts this season to place under the tree, stuff stockings, or give a host or hostess, plan on heading to The Barlow in Sebastopol. In this community of makers, you’ll find a diverse range of art, décor, fashion and wine, plus plenty of cozy eateries to fuel your excursion…

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By Annette Hamani  |   California Home+Design  |   December 2013

Wine Country Holiday Crawl: The Barlow in Sebastopol

To call The Barlow in Sebastopol a “business park” is to conjure up a beige landscape of prefab buildings. But since the businesses in this new development are all artisanal producers and restaurants–ten of which are now open to the public–the complex merits a proper eating expedition…

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By Jonathan Kauffman  |   Tasting Table  |   August 2013

Barlow Project Turns Idle Sebastopol Plants into Artisan Food Center

New steel-framed buildings are rising and old metal-sided warehouses are getting refurbished in Sebastopol this summer in a $23.5 million project that supporters tout as a new public marketplace and production center for local food, wine and art. The 12-acre Barlow project amounts to the biggest development in Sebastopol in years, as well as the culmination of a multi-year debate over how to redevelop an old apple packing district on the eastern edge of the downtown…

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By Robert Digitale   |   Press Democrat  |   June 2012

Canneries Reborn

A two-alarm blaze that closed Highway 12 and brought scores of gawkers to downtown Sebastopol on Friday destroyed a large section of The Barlow, an old-time apple processing plant at the center of a 12-acre project that will serve as a hub for local wineries, food producers and artists. The front half of the two-part metal frame building and mounds of bundled vintage clothing that filled the 10,000-square-foot warehouse burned for hours…

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By Mary Callahan and Bret Wilkison   |   Press Democrat  |   June 2012

Reinventing The Barlow

Thousands of people driving the stretch of Sonoma County’s Highway 12 that flows into and out of downtown Sebastopol every day, but most probably never really notice the piece of the town’s agricultural history tucked away within the fading warehouses just east of Main Street. That will change this summer with the opening of The Barlow, a community of food, beverage and art producers setting up shop in the town’s old canning district.

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By Juliette Porton   |   North Bay Biz  |    March 2012

Sebastopol Complex: Barlow Project Underway

Construction on a Sebastopol development that aims to bring together local vintners, food makers and artists began Wednesday, a day after the project received a $23.5 million construction loan from Wells Fargo Bank. The Barlow, a 220,000-square-foot complex of about a dozen commercial structures, is being developed on the site that formerly housed the Barlow Apple Factory, near the intersection of Highway 12 and Morris Street…

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Press Democrat  |   December 2011

Canneries Reborn

Construction on a Sebastopol development that aims to bring together local vintners, food makers and artists began Wednesday, a day after the project received a $23.5 million construction loan from Wells Fargo Bank. The Barlow, a 220,000-square-foot complex of about a dozen commercial structures, is being developed on the site that formerly housed the Barlow Apple Factory…

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By Cathy Buzzewitz   |   Press Democrat  |   December 2011

Hoping to Revitalize a Relic

People heading west on Highway 12 into Sebastopol are still greeted by the rundown remains of the defunct Barlow processing plant — a relic of the town’s historic apple industry. Now a developer is making another attempt to revitalize the town’s rundown cannery district with major plans to refocus the area into a hub of boutique manufacturers and redraw city streets to better improve traffic…

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By Nathan Halverson |   Press Democrat  |   April 2011

Barlow Center Aims to Break Ground in Fall

The Barlow Center, a mixed-use industrial project with a focus on food, wine, art and sustainable retail in downtown Sebastopol, has announced plans to break ground this fall. Looking toward a summer 2011 opening, the 6.5-acre campus hopes to include the long-running Sebastopol Farmers Market at its center, along with possible restaurant, retail, artisan food producer and wine production tenants. Sebastopol farmers market manager Paula Downing confirmed that she hoped to move to the more spacious site once it was completed…

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By Heather Irwin |   Press Democrat  |   July 2010

New Council Rejects Development of Apple Packing District

After five years of meetings and $500,000 spent on planning, the Sebastopol City Council has decided to drop a controversial plan to redevelop the town’s old apple packing district. The city’s planning director said Wednesday the five-member council had directed staff at its Tuesday night meeting to “terminate” work on the plan. The plan, which called for buildings of two to four stories featuring shops below and residences above, suffered a decisive blow last fall when two candidates critical of the plan won election to the council. That produced a new majority of four council members with concerns that the plan would allow too much development and result in too much traffic for the town of 7,700 people…

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By Robert Digitale |   Press Democrat  |   March 2009

New Council Rejects Development of Apple Packing District

Key landowner Barney Aldridge wasn’t present, but his year-old architectural renderings caused a stir at a recent Sebastopol council meeting after critics unveiled them to show how the retired loan company executive might transform the town’s old apple packing district. The council hearings resume tonight, and the disagreement continues over the significance of the drawings of four-story buildings and tree-lined sidewalks and civic squares…

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By Robert Digitale |   Press Democrat  |   June 2008