All About Chef

Mark Hopper

My favorite things on the menu are….
The Mo Pizza, and I’m totally excited about our Fish Fridays & Meat Mondays
My passion for cooking comes from….
The heart
The name Vignette came to me when….

One of my mentors, Steve Vai, was speaking about his music on a particular record described as “Musical Vignettes”.¬†

I’ve learned the most from….
Chef Thomas Keller

My secret ingredient is….

No secrets, just lots of experience, work, and love

I knew I wanted to be a Chef when….

Realizing the power food has to bring family & friends together.

I make enough pizza dough for….
80-100 pizzas at time 

It takes ____ hours from start to finish to prepare Vignette’s pizza dough

26 hours!

What do you listen to on your playlist to get fired up for a busy day….

Project N-Fidelikan – a funk punk underground quartet

When I’m not at Vignette, I’m….

Probably on my way there

If I weren’t a chef I’d be….
A teacher
The best part of owning a restaurant at The Barlow is….
Being surrounded by others who also have a passion for what they do

I eat pizza _____ times a week

times a week everyday!

Most of our ingredients come from…

Italy, or right around the corner