All About Curator

Jennifer Edwards

I settled in Sonoma County because…

The abundance of a healthy lifestyle: Endless nourishment through local food, expert chefs, inspiring artists, the wine culture, day trip options, outdoor physical activities and most of all the colorful personalities that live here.

The Barlow is home for The Passdoor because…

The Barlow is a hive of positive energy; it’s a collection of bold, risk taking pioneers, and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to serving and inspiring our local community.

A quote I love and live by….

“Mind these three: T.T.T. Hear their chime, Things Take Time.” by Piet Hein

My favorite summertime travel spot is….

South Africa

3 things I aspire to do….

  1. Make The Passdoor an iconic art & design destination
  2. Build a house in a meadow
  3. Become a pilot

If I could share art with anyone, with us or passed on, I would chose… 

Helen Frankenthaler. She was a major contributor to the history of postwar American painting. Frankenthaler’s style is typically identified by her use of fluid shapes, abstract masses, and lyrical gestures. She made use of large formats on which she painted, generally simplified abstract compositions. Her style is notable because of its emphasis on spontaneity, with Frankenthaler herself stating that, “A really good picture looks as if it’s happened at once.”