Ten Perfect Pinot Noirs To Try Now
Pinot Noir is a wine varietal that plays well with others, whether its paired with food or enjoyed on its own. The silky-soft tannins and high-toned fruit profile of pinot are appealing to most wine drinkers. It is one of the world’s oldest grape varieties (besting Cabernet Sauvignon by almost 1,000 years) and it’s a legendary diva in the vineyard.
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Sebastopol, The Apple of Sonoma's Eye and Artistic Spirit
Situated just west of Santa Rosa and a quick, one-hour drive from Napa, the small town of Sebastopol is an easy day trip and a one-stop-shop for locally made artisanal products and goods, from wine, beer, and spirits, to clothes, home goods, art, and farm or sea-to-table meals. 
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From Sustainable Champagne to an Unprecedented 100-Pointer: The Best Wines Right Now

As great California Chardonnay continues to distance itself from the stereotypical style built around oak and butter, Julien How­ sepian, winemaker at Kosta Browne, creates a considerable distance between that cliché and this rich but intensely vibrant white. Savory, wet­-stone minerality opens on the nose, intriguingly layered with exotic cit­rus, orchard blossoms, hints of tropical fruit and crème brûlée...

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