Industrial cool meets global chic at Tamarind, a shop where a distillation of multi-cultural influences, merging hand-prepared textiles, seductive leathers, timeless shapes, and hand-hewn luxury jewels comes together to create classic ensembles with a fashion-forward twist.  Meticulously curated from global up-and-coming designers, independent American labels and, soon, the owner Andrea Kenner’s unique designs, the boutique’s offerings include an array of contemporary fashion.  After shopping at Tamarind, you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled around the world and found something to wear that’s inspiring as well as practical and durable.

(707) 861-9513

Hours:Thursday 11:00am- 6:00pm
 Friday 11:00am- 6:00pm
 Saturday 11:00am- 6:00pm
 Sunday 11:00am- 5:00pm
 Monday 11:00am- 6:00pm
 Tuesday 11:00am- 6:00pm
 Wednesday 11:00am- 6:00pm

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